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Feeling down? Read on....

The Midnight Library is the newest book from Matt Haig. It's an easy to read tale of imagination, but some deep thinking has gone into it, and the text is sprinkled with great quotes from philosophers such as Hume, Thoreau, and Walden. We go with the main character Nora right into her overwhelming regrets and inability to value her life, through to some really valuable thoughts on this, via snippets from philosophy and quantum physics. We know from Matt Haig's memoir 'Reasons to Stay Alive', that he has been down there and found his way back. He has such a warm-hearted, compassionate way of writing about how difficult it is sometimes just being alive, that he always leaves you feeling encouraged and boosted. If you have ever regretted the paths you didn't take, or doubted your worth, you should definitely read this.

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